What is a vlog?
A "vlog" is literally a video blog (short for 'web log') documenting something on film.

What is a bookalk?
A bookalk is a short blurb, usually under 5 minutes, in order to generate interest about a book.

Students will be learning how to use a Flip Video along with the basics of public speaking. They will then film each other doing booktalks. A few will be posted here. Students who do not have permission to post videos online, will have the alternative to simply blog a booktalk in 100 words or less.

What is a blog?
A "blog" is short for web log, documenting an opinion, an adventure, a news story, etc. through online writing.

Students often use each other as consultants in finding a new book. Generating a booktalk will also teach students how to summarize content in their own words, an essential reading comprehension skill.