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Book Trailers from the University of Central Florida.

Examples of what middle and high school students have produced.

Teacher Tube you must an endure an ad before viewing.
Student Production using sound and pictures
Here's what NOT TO DO. (Sorry Jared)
Here is what we are STRIVING FOR. Not the most exciting talk, but it works.

So, what is the difference between a book talk and a book trailer?
A book talk generally involves one person as a "talking head." A book trailer involves images, sound, and film clips (just like a movie trailer) to promote a book.

What is a vlog?
A "vlog" is literally a video blog (short for 'web log') documenting something on film.

What is a bookalk?
A bookalk is a short blurb, usually under 5 minutes, in order to generate interest about a book.

Students will be learning how to use a Flip Video along with the basics of public speaking. They will then film each other doing booktalks. A few will be posted here. Students who do not have permission to post videos online, will have the alternative to simply blog a booktalk in 100 words or less.

What is a blog?
A "blog" is short for web log, documenting an opinion, an adventure, a news story, etc. through online writing.

Students often use each other as consultants in finding a new book. Generating a booktalk will also teach students how to summarize content in their own words, an essential reading comprehension skill.